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Over 40 years of combined experience. We specialize in demolition and installation of NEW  Brushed/Exposed/Stamped Sidewalks, Patios, Driveways, Steps, Stoops and also concrete repair/resurfacing.  GMD Concrete prides it's self on it’s quality and customer service.

We take care of it all.
From job permitting, breaking old concrete, junk haul out, excavation to actual pour, dirt fill and grass seeding.  Our upfront pricing includes everything for hassle free experience.
 Unless stated otherwise.
All our work is done accordingly to township rules/building code.  Always.

Located in Aurora, IL Serving DuPage County and Kane County.
For bigger jobs over 
500 sq. ft. We also serve Will and Cook County.

One company: countless solutions to your concrete needs

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When it comes to Chicagoland driveways, concrete can take the most abuse and lasts longer than any other driveway solution. When not  the cheapest option it is the most cost effective being around twice the price of asphalt but will last at least 4-5 times longer while requiring less maintenance  saving you money in the long time - be gone the annoyance of everyear sealcoating.


When it comes to curb appeal your sidewalk is just as important as driveway. When there's other solutions than concrete they're just way more expensive than and not long lasting or heavy on the maintenance.


When it comes to steps or retaining walls properly reinforced concrete has no match. Only material to be considered structural besides steel -  Extremely durable and can be tiled over or , resurfaced along the way. 


Concrete patios are an excellent addition to a home for creating your relaxing/entertaining space to your yard . While other options are available that look better than regular concrete...wait until you discover stamped concrete and be amazed of the possibilities. With over hundreds of patterns to choose from brick/paver to slate and wood(!)  while still less expensive and lower maintenance than pavers.

The possibilities are endless.


As solid as concrete - always the best solution for your garage floor , foundation or when you building a shed to last.


Excellent option for old,chipping, flaking , spalling, marred or just badly finished in the first place concrete that still maintains its structural integrity or just to bring back the new fresh look of concrete. While heavy cracked, sheared off concrete can be repaired and tied in structurally between old  and new it does not guarantee that hairline cracks wont render through the overlay. Still at a fraction of the cost of new installation it is still the best solution on tight budget to extend the life of your concrete and put you back on  the solid ground.

As technology evolves
so does concrete.

While most popular classical brushed/troweled concrete has been the standard in USA for many decades the technology changed rapidly giving homeowners many ways to enhance the looks of their property without losing the structural properties of concrete.

Classical Brushed Finish

Our most popular.

Solid and timeless most cost effective providing the least maintenance out of all concrete surfaces. Recommended sealing every 3-5 years. Starts its lifespan white  color while fading over the years slowly to grayish brown.


Exposed Aggregate

Same concrete but "Exposed". Achieved by spraying surface retardant after finishing the pour. The top mortar is washed off next day. Recommended sealing every 2-4 years. Stays the same color all its lifespan. Excellent option for concrete borders or places that need extra traction - steep driveways or sidewalks.


Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is concrete that has had color, pattern, and/or texture added to it to make it resemble another material, such as brick, stone, or tile or wood. 

While still less expensive and lower maintenance than pavers.

An excellent choice for patio , driveway edges, sidewalks , steps.

With over 100 patterns and many color combinations to choose from your possibilities are endless.

We use Butterfield Color as our to go stamp pattern/color  company.

Check out all patterns over here: 

What sets us apart

Headache Free Experience.

We take care of it all. From job permitting, breaking old concrete, junk haul out, excavation to actual pour, dirt fill and grass seeding.  Our upfront pricing includes everything for hassle free experience.

No headache of :

Dealing with the city and filing paperwork

Disposing of old brick , dirt, brush

Finding landscaper afterwards to fill and seed

Final Wash

Higher Standard.

3500 PSI mix is considered "good" by most cities since that was the standard back in the day for foundations and driveways.

Not with us, we only use top suppliers and 4500PSI  mix is considered standard to us.

Reinforcement and Sealer included .

We Care.

We don't just do it to be done with it.

We consider placing concrete without dig out and gravel fill/compact to be unacceptable - an excellent way to lose money just after the first winter cycle.

Also every job we look for potential problems. Whenever it is water drainage to looking for weak spots where concrete might crack.

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Concrete FAQ

Do I need to remove topsoil before placing concrete?

Yes. Topsoil and any other organic matter must be removed before placing concrete. Organic materials are unstable and unable to provide uniform support for concrete slabs, they also are the main reason why concrete cracks in the winter time. Usual minimum is 4 inches of CA6(gravel).A properly prepared subgrade contains no organic material and is crucial to constructing a quality concrete pavement or slab on grade.

Is Cracking Normal?

Because concrete isn’t flexible, it’s likely to crack during freeze/thaw conditions. This is perfectly normal and small cracks won’t compromise the concrete’s strength. These cracks can be addressed by placing “joints” or cuts to redirect cracking.


Why do concrete surfaces flake and spall?

Concrete surfaces can flake or spall for one or more of the following reasons:

In areas of the country that are subjected to freezing and thawing the concrete should be air-entrained to resist flaking and scaling of the surface. If air-entrained concrete is not used, there will be subsequent damage to the surface.

Avoid applying deicing chemicals during the winter. Don’t use harsh acids to remove stains. Clean your concrete regularly and apply a sealant to protect it from the elements.

How Long Does Concrete Take to Cure?

It all depends on the depth of concrete poured, the temperature outside, and the type of cement used in the mix. But on average, it takes around 2-3 hours to set and then around 7-28 days to fully cure and get full color . 


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